Blue 45 colt with 4-3/4" barrel without ejector. The colt factory letter reports that it was shipped in Feb 10th 1891 to H. E. Ambold of Waco, Texas and sold to Simmons Hardware of St. Louis, Missouri. It was part of a 2 gun shipment. The other single action in this shipment is consecutively numbered to mine and in the same configuration.

There is no notation in the factory records of "no ejector or ejectorless" but the gun has been inspected by several trusted and knowledgeable colt dealers and collectors and it was found to be factory original without exception.

Upon research in the Hilitian records a listing of   2  45 x 4-3/4 blue SA revolvers "without ejector" were found with a date of Feb 10th which was the shipping date of this pair of single actions.

I'm including some images of the 1995 Julia auction of the consecutive gun in the 137,000 serial range and some images of remarks made by Eric Vaule and the Julia auction information.



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